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2107, 2015

One wave, a unique festival …. Mundaka & Itsasmendi

We have everything ready for the Mundaka Festival´s first edition. A festival that combines the music and national and international cooking in a unique setting.
An […]

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1407, 2015

Where do we plant our vines?

The development of the roots of the vines affects the character of the grape produced. For this reason, under our vinicultural philosophy, the selection of the plot […]

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1205, 2015

A very special visitor

Yestarday we had a very special visitor in our vineyard, born in 1923, such a luxury!

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2603, 2015

Two Golden Bacchus at the XIII International Wine Competition

On March 24th our Txakolis Itsasmendi Artizar 2012 and Itsasmendi Urezti 2011 have been awarded with the Golden Bacchus.

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