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Examine the origin of a wine: ITSASMENDI 7

Itsasmendi depositos bodega

On 26 April, a workshop was held at the Artxanda School of Hotel and Catering for the various CES promotions, in which the origin of a wine was analysed through the coupages and the beautiful concept of vintage experienced through tasting a single vintage product that is totally different as far as climatology is concerned.

In the first part, seven tanks were sampled, from which the Itsasmendi 7 2016 will be released, highlighting the weight that aspects such as geological and micro-climatic diversity have on a wine. The behaviour of Hondarrabi zuri, Hondarrabi zuri zerratie and Riesling in different vineyards has helped to better understand the “terroir” character of the three varieties and our wine philosophy, aimed at reducing the weight that variety has on a wine or on the Txakoli in this case.

A second phase revealed the beauty of the vintage concept, where the yearly climatic conditions can affect the wine, providing great added value in our winery.

The 2015 vintage had a distinct Atlantic character, very similar to the 2011, which is also available in magnum format. The 2014 has a more Mediterranean character, in which the high temperatures of the first week of September have provided greater maturity and a less distinctive acidity, which is largely reminiscent of the 2012 and whose only difference would be in the bottle aging that adds great complexity and robustness, and 2013 was a cold year with higher malic levels at a time of great complexity and balance. A sour grape vintage in its time that has cost great efforts to achieve the current elegance.

In short, a highly didactic tasting in which subjects of great interest were addressed for the attendees.

Itsasmendi 7, The Selection, inimatable and original
The Selection, inimatable and original

Itsasmendi 7

Fresh and with great aromatic intensity. Deep and persistent.

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