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How do you choose the name of a wine?

The location of our first vineyards in Muskiz, Bakio and Mendata gave us the name of the Winery and our young Txakoli. Hillsides from which secluded locations of the Bay of Biscay can be seen gave rise to the name ITSASMENDI (1995). The mirror of our orography where the sea and the mountains coexist harmoniously in a small space. Contrast and harmony: two aspects that are very much present in all our products.

UREZTI (2001) born from a gamble in the preparation of an innovative product, the first late harvest of the three D.O. of Txakoli. A faithful reflection of what the Atlantic climate gives us: a fantastic autumn. The southerly winds of October and November, the cool nights and mild daytime temperatures, always with the threat of rain, inspired the “Bertsolari” Jon Embeita in the creation of a name that aimed to reflect the sweet flavour of Bizkaia, symbolising the search for marvellous virtues often hidden in the “rocky” appearances. In a rainy area (ur), obtaining a sweet wine with hints of honey (Eztia) in a surprising balance between sugar and acidity.

Itsasmendi 7 (2003) was a turning point not only for the Winery but also the D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina. It came about as another form of expression of a Txakoli, demonstrating that not only was it possible to obtain body and structure but also that it could live for years in the bottle. The selection of a tank fictitiously called the “7” since it is a magic number associated with perfectionism, a sign of thinking, of wisdom and of idealism. A Txakoli that like the number 7 establishes a bridge between the Earth and heaven (the ideal). It also symbolises the greatness and diversity of the septenary formed by the 7 planets (the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). Representing the universe in movement.

Artizar (2010)Among the 7 planets there is only one that is visible a little before dawn or a little after dusk, called the morning star as it is the brightest star in the sky and the first and last to be seen (Venus). It is without doubt a product derived from all our respect, work, knowledge and research on the natural environment and represents a product with its own brilliance with its own path in the future of our area of production.

Eklipse (2011) is a result of the leap from our extensive experience in growing white grapes to the search for the potential of red grapes for the preparation of a different, quality red wine. The phenomenon of the eclipse is unexpected but has an extraordinary beauty.

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