The fragility of Nature´s perfection

The fragility of Nature´s perfection

Itsasmendi 7 2017 txakoli
We present the argument of the new vintage of our aging Itsasmendi 7: The vintage 2017 has been a vintage where a cold September and rainy, the botrytis has made the harvest difficult and has required changes in the preparation.

The feared frost in spring paid us a visit for the first time in Itsasmendi, unexpected given the date when it occurred (28 April) and the considerable loss of vines such as in Mungia and Abadiño. In many parts of Spain such as Rioja, Ribera, Bierzo or Valdeorras there was severe frost with spectacular images in the vineyards. The climate which prevailed during flowering (late May, early June) was unusually good, given the surprisingly high temperatures for the time of year.

In summer there wasn’t as much drought as in the rest of Spain where many areas brought forward the grape harvest by almost one month. September, usually a magnificent month with little rain and average temperatures which guarantee good grape ripening, was, in 2017, the wettest month of the last 30 years entailing a very complicated grape harvest with regard to logistics and requiring more work in preparing the winery.

In spite of its beauty, Nature does, at times, prove to be exceedingly fragile as shown by this dandelion: a wild, seasonal herb which opens in the morning and closes at night and which, according to legend, makes wishes come true when blowing it. The dandelion in the photograph shows its minute particles in the air in the presence of a light breeze and conveys the image to us that this natural imperfection represents, just like the journey taken by its airborne seeds, that they, like our wines, can be discovered by different people thereby allowing our history to travel far and wide .

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Marian Jimeno

La Selección, inimitable y original

Itsasmendi 7

Fresco y de gran intensidad aromática. Profundo y persistente.

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