Itsasmendi Artizar

The force of nature revealing unimagined horizons.

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Project Description

A North Star with a Cantabrian nerve

At Itsasmendi, we practice sustainable viticulture aiming to integrate the vineyard harmoniously into every ecosystem and, as a result, nature gives us grapes with a distinctive quality. Ongoing study of the ecological variables has led us to discover diverse specific situations in the vineyards. Placing special emphasis on this richness provided by the natural environment and our vinicultural philosophy, the originality of Artizar lies in having the freedom necessary each year to choose small areas and vinicultural details that are at times imperceptible, so they can express themselves to the full in this new Txakoli.

Itsasmendi Artizar 2013

13.7% fermeted in 300 ltrs barrels and aged on their lees for 8 months.
From a vineyard of third week of maturation, located in Morga. Calcareous slate terrain and an extreme year in the spring weather. With malic acid index higher than usual, we were inclined to elaborate it in smaller barrels of 300 ltrs.



The originality of this wine lies in its freedom to chart its own course each vintage: the aim is to discover the means to showcase the viticultural and winemaking details and little corners, at times imperceptible in larger volumes of production but that characterize each vintage, so they can find full expression.


Fermentation in a 2,000 litre French oak vat and aged seven months on its lees, make for a wine of singular tipicity, elegance and great complexity.

Tasting note

13,7%. A landscape of wild herb and “terroir”. The feel of an aged white and of great longevity.


Blancos con madera. Artizar 2012. De complejidad maravillosa.
Mi vino-vinum Sep. 2014
93 puntos. Perfecto equilibrio.
Restauradores 2014
Artizar 2011 93 puntos. No es casualidad que el desarrollo de la Bodega haya sido por el camino de la longevidad.
Guía Proensa 2014
92/100. artizar 2011 Vino expresivo y de singular tipicidad.
Los mejores vinos españoles 2013
92 puntos, no parece ser del mundo al que pertenece. Excelente vino.
Guía ABC
Un chacoli evocador que aúna tipicidad y modernidad. Itsasmendi en el epicentro de la enología vigorosa y creativa de Euskadi. Un paisaje de hierbas silvestres, flores y terruño.
El Pais
Itsasmendi “Artizar” 90/100 tipicidad de la zona en su máxima expersión.
Especial los mejores vinos españoles 2012
Agustin Pieris (sumiller Asador Etxebarri) Itsasmendi Artizar y el bacalao se comunican sin interferencias.
Ha ido abriendo horizontes impensables para el txakoli. ARTIZAR 2010 Atípico y original 90/100.
Guia Proensa 2013
Artizar 2010 Espléndido vino blanco.
Guia Vino 2013 ABC
Artizar 2010, un vino personal de marcado carácter atlántico.