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Carbonic maceration

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Project Description

Carbonic Maceration


Vineyards: This Txakoli is made with HONDARRABI ZURI from a second-maturity plot. 2017 is a year of good flowering but an ems of September cold and rainy which made harvesting very difficult. The presence of the botrytis also conditioned the elaboration, part in carbonic maceration and part fermented with skins selecting the grains. This plot located in Gernika at sea level.

Bat Berri 2018

Carbonic maceration for 15 days and with fermentation of indigenous yeasts. A small step through the amphora of white clays refines this Orange txakoli, which aims to pay tribute to the most ancient form of production.

Amber hue with golden reflections, typical of carbonic maceration.
Very varied aromatic nuances from apricot, grapefruit skin, balsamic and even nettle plant.
Its entry is fresh and its step silky and salty that make it very sapid. Subtle tannicity, refreshing acidity and slight final bitterness typical of Hondarrabi Zuri. Leaves hints of nuts and stone fruit like peaches.


Itsasmendi Bat Berri 2018 – 91 points

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Itsasmendi Bat Berri 2018 – 92 points

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