Itsasmendi Eklipse

A different Atlantic red wine.

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Project Description

From the heart of a holm oak grove, a marriage of Pinot Noir and Hondarrabi Beltza

Within the framework of an R&D project in collaboration with the Council of Bizkaia and the D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina called Agricultural and oenological behaviour of the varieties Pinot Noir and Hondarrabi Beltza. Vineyards: Vines more than 20 years old located in Gorliz (1 ha) and Muskiz (0.75 ha), within the area known as the Cantabrian holm oak groves (clay-loam soil with a limestone origin) of the varieties Pinot Noir and Hondarrabi Beltza. Climate: The proximity to the Bay of Biscay provides a microclimate with an average rainfall on the plots of around 931 mm/year.

Itsasmendi Eklipse 2016

63% Coupage between Pinot Noir, 32% Hondarrabi Beltza and 5% of Berdexa Zarie. Productions around 4500 kg per ha. in the Pinot Noir and 5,900 kgrs in the Hodarrabi Beltza.
The perfect balance between vegetation and production denoted in the middle of September of this year, the excellence of the vineyard, presaging little work in the winery. Nature this year has greatly facilitated our work. Atlantic profile of a vintage like 2016 with greater warmth and that is perceived in the cherry red color that reflects. We could say that it has been this vintage, when the Pinot Noir has manifested all its fullness in maturation.



A blend of Pinot Noir (65%) and Hondarrabi beltza (35%). These two Atlantic varieties with marked “terroir” character, elegantly yet frankly encapsulate the geographical characteristics of the two parcels, both located close to the sea.


Located in Gorliz (1.1 ha) and Muskiz (0.75 ha) vines over 20 years old, situated within what is known as a Cantabrian holm oak grove. Soils of lime and clay, of limestone origin.


Fermented in stainless steel conical tanks and aged for ten months in a 2,000 litre French oak vat, bring structure and complexity to this 13.5% alc Txacoli.

Tasting note

With the relatively light colour indicating the presence of Pinot Noir, we discover a new concept of Atlantic red wine, fresh and full of nuances. Intriguing and highly recommended for accompanying fish.


Eklipse 2011, otro vimo sorprenderte en una Bodega que hace vinos de aupa, peculiar y muy interesante.
GPS Julio 2013
Proyecto de I+D para la revitalización de tintos en Vizcaya, nace como su etiqueta vanguardista. Toques terrosos con frutillos silvestres y una original punta vegetal.
Mivino-Vinum: Eklipse 2011


2 Stars in Prowein 2013

AWARDED 2013-06-11

Estrella Prowein