Itsasmendi Urezti

A Late Harvest from the North with a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.

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Project Description

The Surprise. The sweet savour of Vizcaya

Itsasmendi Urezti has been included in the Ark of Taste of Slow Food Bizkaia, as during the first 4 years it was not covered by the D.O. Bizkaiko txakolina, as an artisan product of verified excellence, manufactured on a small scale. Highlighting the intrinsic value of the products offered by the land. In the same style as its sister wines produced along the Atlantic Arc to which we belong, such as the well-known Sauternes, Barsac and Jurancon. Whereas the rest of the wines show the importance of each plot, this wine is a product that perfectly reflects our autumn, south wind, cool nights and many years of low rainfalls. The grapes are over-ripened on the vines themselves and harvested throughout November. In production since 2001. A bright golden yellow, the bouquet highlights its complexity, combining the aromas of the overripe grape, orange peel, pear, wax, honey with spiced notes from its brief spell in the barrel. Its time in the bottle has given it a palate that is sweet, long, dense, unctuous and lasting, with a good balance between residual sugars and acidity.

Itsasmendi Urezti 2018

Urezti 2018. Harvested third week of November, achieving a natural raisin without the presence of botrytis.
Golden yellow with greenish reflections.
Very aromatic and intense nose, highlighting the orange peel and yellow flowers with a tropical background, of tea plant and menthol. The 3-month aging in new 600 and 300-liter barrels is still a little present, which will be assembled with the aging in the bottle, providing complexity and structure.
In the mouth, a perfect harmony between acidity and sweetness with notes of candied peach and mandarin, leaving a long honeyed finish and dried fruit.
Due to the non-production of 2017, its release to the market is slightly advanced, showing its more youthful face at the moment at the expense of achieving a long aging in bottle.



Hondarrabi zuri zerratie and a small percentage of Izkiriot handi.


The extended ripening of the grapes on the vine results in a natural raisining. Harvested on the 26th of November.


The first Late Harvest under the DO “Bizkaiko Txakolina” the inaugural vintage in 2001. A brief stint in new French oak barrels of 225 litres.

Tasting note

Stylistically similar to other “sister” Atlantic seaboard wines, the 12% alc. and 93 grs/ltr of residual sugar create an interesting balance between the sugars and the acidity. Long ageing in bottle makes for a delicate and complex Late Harvest.


Urezti 2010 93 puntos Original y elegante.
Guía Proensa 2014
Urezti 2009 93 puntos. Un excelente vendimia tardía.
Guía Peñin
Urezti 2010. Un vino para compararse con los Mo-barzillacy, Jutancon y coquetear con los grandes Ausleses
Selección Josep Roca
Sorprendente vendimia tardía, fresco y muy fino.
Lecturas. La cocina de Otoño 2013
Urezti 2008 un producto 10 para alabar la conviccion en la locura de la gente de Itsasmendi.
ON (Mikel Zeberio)
Urezti 2008 viste la boca de frescura y seda y consigue desnudar el alma.
Los 100 mejores vinos
Itsasmendi Urezti 2008: 90/100 un original vino del norte con la dulzura del sur.
Especial los mejores vinos españoles 2012
Urezti 2008 93 puntos
Guia Proensa 2012
Urezti 2008 91 puntos
Guia Peñin 2012
Itsasmendi Urezti 2008 92 puntos “Un equilibrio perfecto entre la extraordinaria acidez y el dulzor, largo y equilibrado. Excelente trabajo en esta DO”
Vino + gastronomía: guía de los 300 mejore vinos de España
Urezti 2006 92 puntos
Guia Peñin Los mejores vinos de España
Urezti 2006 92 puntos
Guia Campsa 2010
Urezti 2006, 84 puntos, “Línea alegre y desenfadada”
Sobremesa (En 2010)
Primer vendimia tardia amparado por la D.O. Bizkaiko txakolina presentado oficialmente en Vinoble.
Interviu 2008
Urezti 2005 “Esencia Vasca. Delicado
La voz de Avilés 2008
Urezti 2004, 85 puntos, “Un camino nuevo”.
Planeta Vino 2007
Urezti 2004 “Elegante y agradable.
Los mejores vinos españoles 2008
Urezti 2003, 87 puntos
Guia Jesus Flores 2006
Urezti 2002 “Vino curioso de un equilibrio excelente. Sabores y aromas cautivadores”.
Hojas (Mar 2005)
Urezti 2001 “Dulce sabor a Vizcaya. Novedad indiscutible.
Mi Vino (Oct 2003)