A Txakoli for enjoying the moment.


Project Description

Origins that exude authenticity

Txakoli Itsasmendi is fruit of the coupage of the varieties Hondarrabi zuri and Hondarrabi zuri zerratie. The geological diversity and the microclimate of each plot, ecologically respectful viticulture and innovative oenology are the factors that determine the expression of this Txakoli. With an alcohol content of around 12%, naturally fresh on the palate, harmonious, rounded and lasting, with a slightly bitter, elegant finish and typical of the variety. Itsasmendi is a young Txakoli notable for its balance, freshness and harmony.

Itsasmendi 2019

2019 has been an unstable year, a fantastic first week followed by a central part of the harvest more complicated due to lack of light, temperature and some rainy day to end the last week with conditions more consistent with what our Atlantic area represents.

Average temperatures, slow maturation and remarkable aromatic expression although due to its rarity it cannot be compared to any of the recent fresh vintages such as 2017,15,13 or 11. We recover green sparkles that embrace the cup symbolizing its youth and a much more Atlantic profile than previous vintages.



Made from the indigenous varieties Hondarrabi zuri and Hondarrabi zuri zerratie.

Vineyards and winemaking

The wide range of soils and microclimates of our vineyards planted since 1990, make for a harvest that stretches out over three weeks. Sustainable viticulture and environmentally friendly winemaking stamp their mark on the personality of this Txakoli.

Tasting note

A young, fruit-forward Txakoli, 12% alc., easy drinking. While feeling its characteristic white fruit, it has a strawberry and mineral aroma with herbaceous hints of fennel and florals such as orange blossom. Light and wide entrance, it delights us on the palate with an integrated, pleasant and refreshing acidity. Saline and intense balsamic and floral memories in the mouth that round the organoleptic sensation.


Itsasmendi, pioneering winery in the turn of the Txakoli with a special personality.

Conde Nast Traveler
Itsasmendi 2014 Cuadro de Honor. 92 puntos.
Guía del Vino Cotidiano 2015-2016
Itsasmendi 2012 83 puntos Un camino con gran futuro.
Guía del Vino Cotidiano
Itsasmendi 2011 87 points.
Wine Spectator – May 24
Itsasmendi elabora un repertorio deslumbrante e innovador, siendo el Itsasmendi su vino de raíces étnicas que fluye honestidad.
Sugerencia Josep Roca (El Celler de Can Roca)
Itsasmendi; un nuevo concepto en el Txakoli.
Expansión 2012
Especial los mejores vinos españoles. Itsasmendi 2010 90 puntos.
Itsasmendi 2008: 89 puntos.
Wine Advocate
Itsasmendi 2009 90 puntos.
Wine Advocate
Itsasmendi 2008: 88 puntos
Guia Peñin 2010
Itsasmendi 2008, 90 puntos.
Guia Repsol 2010
Itsasmendi 2008: 80 puntos “Nuevas fórmulas”
Itsasmendi 2006 “Gran originalidad”
Restauradores 2007
Itsasmendi 2006 “Gran originalidad”
Restauradores 2007
Itsasmendi 2006 “Un vino optimista y divertido”
On Madrid
Itsasmendi 2005 (86 puntos) “Directos a situarse en línea con los mejores blancos de España”.
Guia Proensa 2007
Itsasmendi 2004 “un chacoli serio, de autor”
La guia MMVI TodoVino
Itsasmendi 2003 “Poderoso, un año de privilegio”
Vinum (Sep 2004)
Itsasmendi 2003(93 puntos) ”Delicioso vino blanco sui generis”.
Guia Campsa 2005
Itsasmendi 2003,”Easier to drink than to spell”.
The New York Times (Sep 04)